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First post! =D

19 Dec 200X

Ah, Winter break! I love it! Kristi said she'd come out to hang today, even with the barrage of snow we're already dealing with. Says she got some new songs on her iPod. Damn she's lucky, I only have a first-gen iPod nano. I saw an ad for the newest one, it looks so cool! Not to mention the main iPods. I'm also stuck with my mom's old Razr. Like yeah, it looks cool, but Kristi got a slider phone for her birthday a few months back and NGL I am jelly. SO jelly.

Why did I make my own blog when I also have a myspace? LOL you're so funnei! :P Nah the reel reazon is becuz I wanna spread my wings ya know? A girl's gotta breathe! Plus if I say I have my own website coming back to school next semester, I'll look SO cool!!!! Maybe not cool, but I looked it up on Google and it was sooo expensive! :'( I don't get much of anything from chores, not $1000 for sure.

Last post... >~<

20 Dec 200X

I am writing this post to apologise to the internet. Mi mama found out about both this blog and my Myspace page. I was not supposed to have either of these things, but my jerk of a kind and forgiving mother found out about these sites I was using. She found out when Kristi's mom offhandedly mentioned our Myspace pages, thinking my mom was okay with it. Now my mom won't let me spend time with her over winter break, she told me: "Girls like her are a bad influence on you mija. Kids from broken homes never end up right, their mothers are too loose with rules." I am not allowed to comment on if I agree with her.

Mi mama was kind and gracious enough to let me keep this website online and only ground me until New Years' eve as long as I left this up as a warning to other teens to not disobey their parents' rules, that they are there for a reason. I am also never allowed to update this website or go back on Myspace.

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