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14 June 2021 - Xenotiic is Moving to Xenotiic-dot-com!

Update: I am now moving from to Xenotiic.com!

So yes, I am happy to announce that I am moving my website to a new domain! Owning my own web domain has to be one of the coolest things I've ever done with one of my websites. Honestly, this whole site is that. And I mean sure, xenotiic.neocities.org isn't awful, but the thought of owning my own web domain was too cool to pass up! Not to mention, I've been wanting to revamp this website a bit for a while now. It's nothing crazy, but there should be a few things here-and-there that add up to an overall smoother experience. Also, I updated the homepage quite a bit, hopefully it's a tad less dry now. I've been out of school a couple weeks, but that reminds me, there is so much that has happened in the past six-ish months since my last entry.

I have written 2-3 blog posts in the past six months, but have overall lost motivation to do anything outside of school or talking with my girlfriend/other friends. I think this was in part my inability to properly balance my life, but I think that it might have just been my anxiety over being able to complete a semester of University without losing my mind. I failed out of most of my attempted classes in 2020 after all, one or two of which were before the pandemic even started. With that being said, I am considering going back and revising a few of my old blog posts to post. No promises though. The main change in my mentality has been going on summer break, which is good, but I worry how sustainable this will be. I love being able to partake in hobbies again. My main fear is that I might have to follow my uncle's advice, that I should ignore my hobbies until I finish college and find a stable career (or at least until I finish college). I have no clue how I could survive another 2-3 years of school with only being able to do the things I like during breaks like this. I know it is perhaps short-sighted of me, but I don't know if I ccould finish college on those terms.

I think the main thing that would help is if I could get my anxiety under control, as I currently spend hours of (nearly) each day grappling with anxiety or recovering from it. I want to explore this more another time, as right now, that's all I got. :/

Last updated 15 June 2021