13 July 2020 - Goals as of RN

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13 July 2020 - Goals as of RN

Hello and welcome, this isn't my first blog post, you can read the archived posts from old versions of the site here, so have fun with that. But today I wanted to talk about my goals for not just the site, but in general.

To put it in short, I want to learn to play and write music using piano. Not only do I like MIDI a lot, but the piano itself is really nice. But MIDI does make it insanely versatile as well. The second thing is I want to learn to program. As of now, I have a grand vision for one day making a full-on homebrew game for the SNES written in assembly. Kind of rich, considering I don't even know something as simple as C# or CSS. I'm getting there, again, long-off dream. Finally, I want to get my mental health in order. It's something that has followed me most of my life, and has only gotten worse since high school. At 19 as-of-writing, it's been a long wait, and I'm not quite sure what to do anymore, but I'll bide my time and work out some of the other things in my life until then.

My girlfriend is the lovely Lia. We have been together for nearly six months, though we've been friends for over a year now. It's just that at some point she stole my heart and became my best friend in the whole wide world! And I wanted to dedicate a whole "paragraph" to her.

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